What do I need to install for Media Cloud?

As I’ve had no luck whatsoever getting AFP or SMB to work with NitoTV despite numerous reinstalls and restores of my version 1 Apple TV — and no one here or on the AwkwardTV forum has been able to help — I’ve decided to try a different approach.

All I want to add to my Apple TV is the ability play DVD rips. Nothing else. Can Media Cloud play a Video_TS folder? And, if so, what do I need to install from aTV Flash 3.3.1 to get Media Cloud working? I’ve downgraded my Apple TV to 2.1 and disabled updates. Do I just install the Media Cloud package? Or do I need the codecs too? I’m trying to install as few aTV Flash components as possible in the hopes that less hacks will mean more stability on the Apple TV.

As for the server side, I’m planning to use Media Cloud with my NAS’s built-in UPnP server, Mediabolic. I don’t know much about Mediabolic and have never tried it, but I figure it can’t hurt to give this a shot since I don’t think I’m ever going to get NitoTV working. :frowning: