what do i get

newbie here …i was told it would be simpler if i just bought the flash(black) not sure what is all included with it, what im looking for is lots of new movies with good quality. tv episodes and series etc. etc. now does the flash black get me all this or does it make it easier to install xbmc, ice film , nito , plex etc

aTV Flash Black only makes it easier to install add-ons; just like Cydia does for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

You also get some other components that are only available via FireCore such as the FireCore Media Player; the Couch Surfer Web Browser and a numbe rof other small items.

Note that what you do NOT get is access to any new media.  What you get is new ways of playing your own media.

thanks for the response  guys… i really want to buy this but have read a lot of negative posts ,just to clarify it will make it easier to download addons such as xbmc, plex , icefilms etc. in which i would not have to use the putty app… help me out here and tell me some positive stuff and why its worth the  $ 29  thanks

The biggest plus for me is the Media Player as I find it much easier to use than XBMC. However I have heard of others preferring XBMC, so this is obviously a personal preference.

I use both XBMC and the FireCore Media Player. XBMC for all my internet streaming needs (IceFilms, 1channel, FastPassTv, etc.) and Media Player for all of my network streaming needs.