What did you install??

Hey guys now that it's all done and running i would like to know what people installed on there ATV2G after JB and AtvFlash...


i love the interface of XBMC!wow and its cool that we have lots of choices..


anybody seen free movies yet?lol



OVERFLOW is a must install.  fixes the menu structure nicely.


JB using Greenpois0n (worked 1st time great :) )

Using Greenpois0n menu to get NitoTV, then installed XBMC, not via NitoTV as it didn't work, but via this link http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Install_XBMC_on_ATV2

Now my main PC is running PS3MediaServer, and is streaming all my Hi-Def MKV files to XBMC on the ATV2 flawlessly over wifi :) I'm very VERY happy

Just so every knows.  You can install XBMC via the NITO TV menu.  It will install.  I did it twice and worked fine.  may have to try to install XBMC twice before it takes and completes.  others have mentioned trying more than once for sucess.


Also if you are running WIN7 on your PC, they operating system has a built in media streaming application.  The media app in windows will stream.