What determines default “Favorites” category in metadata?

First, I love the Plex integration. So far have not had any issues with playback or connection to Plex library.
I have Infuse set up to only connect to Plex.
My question is regarding the new default “Favorite” categories such as “Movies”,”TV Shows”, and “Other”.
My Plex library has correct metadata and Tags yet some files from the same Plex library with the same Tags end up in “Movies” and others end up in “Other”. For the life of me I can’t determine what within Plex is driving Infuse to put into these categories so I can correct it.
Is there anything within Plex that drives this and if so, what needs to be edited to properly categorize media files? I also can’t find anything in Infuse to edit to correct this.

Infuse will currently place Movies that have been ‘matched’ in Plex in the movies category. Movies that use manually entered metadata are placed in Other.

However, we’re working to improve support for movies with manual metadata, and plan to have this available in an upcoming version.

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