What codecs do I get?

Hi Forum.
I have a Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar and Atmos etc is all new to me.

My amber supports lpcm 7.1, aswell as Atmos and Dts-x.

If I have a Atmos 7.1 TrueHD or DTS x 7.1 rip, what codecs does my ambeo outputs then?

Everything is decoded to lossless PCM by the Apple TV and then it’s sent out. All the metadata is discarded because the Apple TV cannot bitstream HD audio. If you want dts-x or TrueHD Atmos you’re going to hav to buy a different streaming box.

I’m a little bit confused now. The Apple support site says, that you can stream any format, including Atmos, provided you have the equivalent equipment.

Am I understanding something wrong?
The Ambeo bar says “Atmos” on the display in the front, when you receive an Atmos signal.

Sure? Beacuse I do get a 8 channel pcm signal according to my app on ambeo. I thought that was a Atmos signal. Isn’t Atmos supported on Dolby Digital+ aswell?

Yes - and I does on apple+ streaming service and Netflix. But infuse says pcm which I assume is because infuse outputs a pcm signal. BUT is this signal a Atmos signal (supposed its an Atmos track im playing;))

You need to check the preferences in the Atv. See my link. The Atmos signal is encoded in the 7.1 signal. In any case, the bar must say Atmos. But the sign doesn’t remain very long. So look at the bar, once you start playing your movie.

I guess, this is the answer.

So, e-ac3 is identical to DD plus. DD plus is not identical to Dolby True HD.
All BRs I checked in the Internet are using Tru HD for Atmos.
Apple TV is using dd plus.
That means, ISO’s of BRs with Atmos will not be played back in Atmos in infuse.
This seems to be a Limitation by Apple.
It’s a pity.
Maybe some higher quality android boxes can do this. I tried cheap ones as well as expansive ones, like Zappiti or Nvidia.
If you are used to Apple and infuse, you don’t want to use them. Unless you are willing to work with a complicated, quirky system, in order to achieve Atmos, which is definitely very cool. And so is the ambeo soundbar.
So, what can we do to get the real Atmos to infuse ? Sign the petition, that James mentions in his article about Atmos. See link above.

As I know it, trueHD contains dd? aswell, so if a rip is trueHD it should contain Atmos dd? (only 7.1 though).?

Nope. Atmos meta data is either attached to a TrueHD container or DD+ container. With Blu-ray tips there’s usually a TrueHD atmos track which is lossless and a separately encoded DD lossy track without atmos added for older systems. If you want atmos on the AppleTV your going to have find webrips as these usually contain a lossy DD+ Atmos track.

Right, just talked to a friend from Dolby. Also, DD+ is a fixed Bitrate format, while True hd is based on variable Bitrate. Therefore DD+ is used for broadcast, while True hd is file based and therefore used in Blu-rays.
In other words, we need to wait for the mercy of Apple, to enable True hd.

Wtf:) - ok, on my ambeo which only supports 5.1.4 I get sound from the uprising speakers (Atmos), and the app tells me I get a 8 channel’s output, but that’s maybe just 7.1 then?

Yes. 7.1.

Yes it’s 7.1. If you don’t switch the Ambeo Bar to Ambeo off, you will get a kind of 3D upmix, but no real Atmos.
The upmix might sound cooler, than without upmix. Depends a little bit on the source and your taste.

Ouch:) - in that case I really have something good coming at me:). I thought some rips where Atmos:).
This ambeo blows my mind.

I was sure infuse supported Atmos

The rips from Apple TV have DD+. That should bring you Atmos. Netflix as well.

Makes sense, just disappointing as I thought I was good to go for Atmos here:)

Honestly, I wasn’t aware about this problem before I read your post.
So let’s hope for true hd pass through for the near future.

Well a fede years ago i would have Said no.
But ATV 4, has done so many thing right for streaming, so i actually think trueHD will come - some day.
Even sonos has taken hd in, so i still have hope for apple:).

Yes, just a little pass through. That would be enough.