What causes shows to be classified as 'Other'?

So, I’m a fairly new user to Infuse - using it on an Apple TV. My shows are managed by Sonarr, and most things show up just fine - nicely categorized under ‘TV Shows’, with seasons, etc. However, there are some that don’t - all the episodes just get lumped under ‘Other’, which makes it a pain to find, keep track of, etc.
There’s nothing obvious that I can see in either Sonarr, or the file’s organization on disk, that would explain why it ends up as Other vs being sorted as a show, but I’m sure someone has an idea. :slight_smile:


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9 times out of 10 it’s going to be how you have your files named. The users guide goes through this and I’ll recommend you stick with the “show name S01E01.mkv” format. That’s the one that works most often for me.

If you have some specific shows that are showing up in others please feel free to post how you have them named and we’ll see if we can get your library cleaned up. :wink:

Well, I haven’t been naming my files, Sonarr has. :slight_smile: But I can give you an example of one that’s showing as ‘other’ - the show Ghosts.
Structure looks like:
Season 1
Ghosts (US) - S01Exx - Show title

(okay, that lost the indenting - each line is a subfolder under the one above)
Open to any suggestions/help - thanks so much!

I have that series files named “Ghosts.2021.S01E01.mkv” and it fetches perfect.

I’d suggest adding the year to this one since there are other TV shows with the exact same name but different years.

EDIT TO ADD: I’d also name the series folder “Ghosts 2021” instead of just “Ghosts” that will help get all the correct artwork.

Well, renaming the folder (and finally figuring out how to sync that in Sonarr) seems to have done the trick for this one, but there’s still others.
So, I guess that leads into a more ‘generic’ question - how in general can I determine what the ‘right’ name is for a series for Infuse to recognize it? There’s obviously some mismatches between systems as to what is ‘right’, which is only to be expected.

Since Infuse uses TMDB you can look on their website to get clues for ones that get fussy with the naming.

As long as you stay with the recommended format in the metadata users guide you’ll have most of the battles won. If you hit snags, you can always post here and the community will most likely be able to help.