What can Infuse do for me?

I use my Apple TV 4K with my Plex server… When I look at the Infuse page, I’m confused as to what Infuse actually does, or can do for me, can you help to explain it? At first it looks like a Plex replacement then I see a blog post about Plex integration, what? So, what might I be able to accomplish with Infuse that I cannot do with ATV/Plex?

BTW: as I rip some of my DVD collection (Get Smart & Friends), I’m reminded just how bad DVD looks, especially the ones with interlaced content. Does infuse de-interlace?



Don’t know if you saw it or not but there’s a post a few below yours that asks about the same question and has some good input that may lead you to some more specific questions. It’s titled “Advantages of Infuse Pro over Plex as a media player for AppleTV 4K?” and is located here Advantages of Infuse Pro over Plex as a media player for AppleTV 4K?

I can tell you what it never does for you: you won’t ever watch a spinning gear of death! Nor you need a 3rd server to play it. Just a a simple fileserver (NAS or your Mac/PC).

Then you have unconverted HiRes audio, great 4K HDR image and so on. Oh, I was forgetting the greatest support. When we report a bug usually Firecore works on it. With Plex anything I reported ended into a black hole.

So, I don’t need to use Plex Server at all??

Nope, haven’t even downloaded Plex and been running Infuse for years.

Not even sure how Plex stays in business with the product they have.

I use Plex for its only purpose of maintaining Metadata (posters, backgrounds etc.)

And to stream content when I am not at home (transcoding to match Internet speed).