What can i do, that movies are not treated as "others"

I have a lot of movies which are all fully tagged using MetaTV and MetaMovie on a mac. The movies are connected via a NFS mount called “movies” and tv shows are in a NFS mount called “tv shows”. All files are iTunes compatible tagged. What must i do, that infuse knows what of the file is a movie and what is a tv show. It always put everything underneath “others”.

It only sorts it right, when i use remote data, but many of them are not correct and i already spent a lot of time to do this local. Even when i tag the files in Plex format, they are not sorted into the right category.

In order to use Infuse’s Library feature you will need to keep the Metadata Fetching option enabled.

You can still instruct Infuse to use your embedded metadata and artwork by enabling the Embedded Metadata option. This will cause Infuse to first look inside your videos for embedded info, and then only fetch info from online sources to fill in the gaps.

That i already tried as well. Problem is, that in many cases, it not take what is in the local meta data and override it with wrong information from online sources. Especially it makes a lot of tv shows into movies with totally wrong names and descriptions. The only missing information i have in my local meta data are the type movie or tv show. It would be sufficient to tell infuse what is behind a mounted source. Or could there be another option to define that.

The biggest issue i have with online data is, it also screwed up my parental control and changes some tv shows with PG-13 and up to some old movies with G or not even any rating which was ending up that my kids are watching stuff they shouldn’t. That’s specially the reason why i have fully tagged all my stuff.

I have found that for tv shows they need to conform to the file name naming scheme expected by Infuse with the show name and season/episode number in it, eg. ‘The Big Bang Theory S01E01 Pilot.mkv". The presence of the SxxNxx appears to make Infuse treat it as a TV series. If it does not match the naming conventions expected for TV series then it is treated as a film and can result in spurious matches to films.

For films it is important to include the year of the film (as specifed on themoviedb.com) in the file name, eg “Serenity (2005).mkv”.


Thanks @remotevisitor. Was quite a bit work, but after renaming/retagging all movies and shows and also activating online media, everything is getting detected correctly.

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