What can I delete from USB Library

I just spent 2 hours going through the annoying process of restoring, updating, and flashing my AppleTV just to get this latest update installed. I’ve now got it flashed and configured for using an External USB hard drive for primary storage once again, but it appears that all of my existing movies and so forth are still on the external drive. What folders can I delete to clear out all the old sync data? I’m not going to disconnect the drive and hook it back up to my computer just to erase it. I can SSH in to it just fine, but need to know what can be deleted that will automatically get re-created when I sync? I see a whole mess=load of F## folders in the Purchased Movies folder for example. Can I just delete the Purchased Movies folder? Will the AppleTV be smart enough to re-create the folder after re-synching? Why isn’t there anything in the Wiki covering the update process for external USB drive users?

The “F” folders in /mnt/Media/Media Files are all the synced data from iTunes. That should not be removed manually, but should be removed by iTunes itself. If you need to do it manually and iTunes is no longer using those folders then you should be able to remove them and the files just fine. All the stuff from iTunes is copied over so it should be safe on the original computer. If you bought any movies or rental on the Apple TV then some of those can not be transferred to the computer, those would not be safe to get rid of if you haven’t copied it elsewhere. Overall I would say you are fine to get rid of them.

I went ahead and just formatted the drive to start from scratch. The stuff I was syncing generated errors that the files were not authorized for playback on the device and I also was not seeing everything on the drive after syncing. Oh well, I’ve left the drive out somewhere more convenient for future updates/formats. Takes a little bit more time, but it’s well worth it to know that everything is working properly.

Thank you for taking the time to reply!