What are your most wished features for Infuse?

to answer my own question I believe i have to select single layer and for audio EAC3?

^This. My only feature request. Would give Infuse the ability to professionally present trailer/short/double feature programs.


Duplicate entries when downloading content (has been in pending for quite a while) - Duplicate Series (when downloaded) - Plex

I’m surprised that more folks don’t use the Downloads feature, and find that the resulting duplication of content (i.e. each downloaded show is listed twice, one for your offline version and one for your server online version) makes the app unusable.

Why is this such an issue for me?
I spend a fair bit of time in situations where I’m either without connectivity or relying on mobile data (expensive), so downloads are rather important.

Presuming you don’t download a hundred videos at a time, you can remove your local downloads folder from the Library, if the duplicate episodes in the UI bother you (because you’ve only got a 50% of selecting the correct thumbnail, yeah?).

^And then access your downloads through the files browser.

Hi @FLskydiver, thank you for your reply, you’ve given me hope, because this would get the job done. I’ve checked through the settings and can’t quite see where to remove the local downloads folder from the library, any chance you could give me a pointer?

(Indeed it is the duplication in the Home view, where all downloaded series/shows results in duplicated entries, and it is hit and miss (yes 50%) chance of me selecting the right version. I’m more than happy to playback stuff via the files browser, and hoping this would still sync progress with my Plex server).

This is an example of the issue the duplication causes:

On the Settings :gear: / Libraries tab, you should see a list of folders that you favorited when you set up your shares. If the downloads folder is there, click on it once so the check mark :heavy_check_mark: disappears.

Only checked folders are included in the library.

If your downloads folder is contained within another folder that includes things you want in the library; go to the Settings :gear: / Shares tab or Add files and Edit share, and navigate down the share to add only folders that hold in them, or below them, content you want indexed.

@FLskydiver I see, sadly I’m using Plex as my server, so I can’t be that selective about folder structures :frowning:

Really appreciate you taking the time to help, thanks!

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I’d love to see VST Plugin Support for Infuse on Mac OS.

I currently use Dirac Live for room correction, on a Mac mini I use as an HTPC. You can do only do correction upto 8 channels on MacOS system output, however you can do full Dolby Atmos corrections via a VST/AAX/AAU Plugin for DAWs.

While JRiver does currently support VST Plugins, I just don’t like the experience of using JRiver and want to switch all my playback to Infuse. And having Plugin support would allow me to be able to do that.

I wish to have dolby dynamic range :smiley::heart:

Infuse creates an editable file of my playlists so I don’t have to re-create my playlists.


Sometimes concerts are collected as films. I want to change that item to concert.
Could that be possible with the …

Disable scanning button

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One of the things I would love Infuse to be able to do is to be integrated into the Apple TV app, just like Disney+ and HBO Max, for example. Or, like to Plex, to have the ability to access streaming services through Infuse. I have movies on my server that I use to watch through Infuse, I have digital movies that I purchased on iTunes, I have streaming services… It would be great to have a single app that could access everything.

To be able to sync via a NAS, not just iCloud… It would be SO much faster.

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