What are your most wished features for Infuse?

My favorite Wishes for Infuse are mostly some tiny GUI-Bugfixes :wink: :+1:

QMS/Match Content Delay Fix

Smooth Transition for Text/Buttons
(on PrePlaybackScreen)

Hide Movie-Name and Year completely(tvOS)

On iOS it’s possible to completely hide the Name/Year under the Posters (Infuse > Settings > General > Show Poster Titles).
But on tvOS it’s still show the Name/Year for the active selected Element…
James, please give us the possibility to hide the Name/Year on tvOS, too! Like it is on iOS :wink:

Remove Hint “Swipe down for Info”

Please remove finally the Hint “Swipe down for Info”… Because every AppleTV/Infuse User knows how to use the App and how to go to Infos and Settings within Infuse :wink:
Or even better: Replace the old Menu with the modern Apple Player GUI :smile:

Custom TV-Series with NFO/XML files

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