What are your most wanted/wished for features?

This :slight_smile:


For a library acquired one title at a time, I suppose; but certainly not compared to these folks linking to paid Plex servers hosting basically every video ever shared online.

You make a good point. I guess I was only referring to things that are visibly and functionally broken, as opposed to design oversight.

:laughing: You kill me with this. Did you even buy the TV yet?

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On reflection, if I could only have one — it would be this one.

Since sort by filename doesn’t work for TV (due to reasons), I have to use sort by title — which works well enough for TV shows.

But it makes a mess of my movie library — take for example how all the Indiana Jones movies are sorted under I except for the first, sorted under R.

This happens with nearly every series.

Since sort by filename actually works for movies, I can control which films I want listed together (while still seeing the film’s proper titles).

With filenames, I can control the sort order — listing series films chronologically, for example, without having to have my series films collapsed into collections when browsing my library — which I absolutely despise; especially considering Collections can’t be sorted by filename, either — as they suffer from the same deficiency that breaks TV Show sorting.

Obviously being able to sort other views in different ways would also make it far easier to find what I’m looking for (say, sorting “sci-fi” genre movies by release date) while retaining the sort by filename of the entire movie catalog …

My Infuse life world be immeasurably less frustrating if I could simply leave my movies sorted by filename while my TV shows remain sorted by title.

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Right? I was going to say the same thing, but I guess you can want a feature that will eventually apply to you.

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For me my top wish list items would be “what did he just say? “ and being able to fast forward and rewind using Siri. Siri search integration

The other one for me would be homekit support

And maybe can’t happen for vanilla infuse but I can still wish it.

Airplay in my flying car!


My most wished features for Infuse:

Create the option to replace the white title in the lower left corner with the logo

Create the option to have the subtitles at the bottom of the image regardless of the aspect ratio

[Concept] Infuse 7UI

Change Custom Collection Artwork


This Problem is not about QMS only, the Delay happens also if you set 4K50p Output (European PAL Standard) and use Framerate Matching. It’s happen before every Video, even if the Movie has also 50p and a Framerate-Switch is not needed


Ability to update metadata offline! :laughing:

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deinterlacing support for field-interlaced 50i. None of the deinterlacers provided by Infuse come close to doing this correctly. Not many on the forum post about this, perhaps most people who have need to play such content go straight to Kodi?

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This. If Infuse could actually use NFO files for TV shows, I’d ditch Emby and just direct-connect to Infuse.

  • User Interface tidying up and making nicer/easier for the general public

  • Alphabet listed next to content list, with ability to scroll through letters of content

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I love that concept picture.
Would be great to see the folders/categories listed at the top like the Apple TV+ app
That will keep the home page clear and tidy

This will probably never happen. All my 4k Blu Ray backup folders play as HDR10, would be nice if those that are in Dolby Vision would play as such. Not a big problem since HDR10 looks ok to me but it would be better if they played as encoded.

My Dolby Vision content plays as Dolby vision.
I only have MP4 DV, not MKV DV.

I used to have a Roku Ultra, and that wouldn’t play MKV DV - it would just display as a green coloured film.
So I made sure all my DV content was MP4

So I can’t comment on whether all DV content plays, but I can say that all my MP4 DV content plays fine

(Dolby Vision version 1.0, dvhe .05.06, BL+RPU)

Yes, I do know MP4 works but I use folders and/or .iso and both default to HDR10. I wonder if it plays MP4 passthrough? Does anyone know the answer? I prefer no compression which is why I do folder or iso. Passthrough would also be no compression.

to answer my own question I believe i have to select single layer and for audio EAC3?

^This. My only feature request. Would give Infuse the ability to professionally present trailer/short/double feature programs.


Duplicate entries when downloading content (has been in pending for quite a while) - Duplicate Series (when downloaded) - Plex

I’m surprised that more folks don’t use the Downloads feature, and find that the resulting duplication of content (i.e. each downloaded show is listed twice, one for your offline version and one for your server online version) makes the app unusable.

Why is this such an issue for me?
I spend a fair bit of time in situations where I’m either without connectivity or relying on mobile data (expensive), so downloads are rather important.

Presuming you don’t download a hundred videos at a time, you can remove your local downloads folder from the Library, if the duplicate episodes in the UI bother you (because you’ve only got a 50% of selecting the correct thumbnail, yeah?).

^And then access your downloads through the files browser.