What are the tethered boot requirements for Seas0nPass?

Hello everyone,

Running into a situation where having a bit of understanding on how tethered boot releases function with Seas0nPass would go a long way.
Of course, these questions are only targeted at those firmware releases which require a tethered boot.

Questions are:
1.) Can SP tethered boot a firmware release for a device it has not formally jailbroke for said release?
2.) Does a tethered boot require any files / variables set for SP to boot a particular tethered release?
3.) Can the tethered boot process for a particular firmware work for other firmware versions?

Based on the response of these 3 questions may yield more or it may stop the questions dead in their tracks. :slight_smile:

Appreciate any insights.

  1. No

  2. Requires the files from the initial jailbreak stage

  3. No

Excellent, thanks for the fast reply.

So for #2:
2.1) Are these files unique for the particular device or are they common for a particular firmware release?

2.2) If SP has the files, would it then try a tethered release? (If so, where are the files stored?)

Think I know the answers to both, but worth asking before I throw in the towel so to speak.
Again, appreciate the support.