What are the most wanted features?

For me it’s autoplay the next episode of the next season, when one season is finished.
Also custom collections.

You can go to the Suggestions forum and at the top of the page there’s an option to sort by “Most Liked” that will show what users are asking for most. :wink:


For me it’s HomeKit support followed by support for multiple versions of the same movie (play version)

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My most wanted is a smart playlist.
Currently I go to search and type in Tom Cruise to see his movies. I would like a smart playlist that would give me a list for Tom Cruise or John Wayne or any other playlist wanted.

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Hue support for which I thought I had seen staff saying it was close to be released. But it seems to be coming as fast as winter in GOT. The next infuse’s version is the 8th so looks like we have a pattern.

What do you want to achive with HomeKit support?

What do want to achive with Hue support?
Are the Hue lamps able to get commands from an external source, instead of the Hue Bridge?
As far as I know, you need the Hue Bridge (which can be connected to ATV via HDMI).

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Exactly as munpip214 mentioned, set a scene would be a great and covers most of the use case.
The ideal way would be an API with hooks for external systems that would also do. Plex does it with their Plex pass which is rather handy.

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Oh okay I understand. Interesting!

Mine is support for Extras. I have a lot of those on my Plex Server, but unfortunately I have to fire up Plex’s own client to view them.

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What about smooth playing video for ALL videos, benchmark VLC. This used to be the case , but not anymore.

Support has sampels and confirmed stuttering but problem remains…

I would like to see the option to sort folders by different methods. Sometimes it makes sense to organize alphabetically, but other times it makes sense to organize by release date. Unfortunately now, you have to pick one or the other for your entire collection.

I can’t agree with that. All videos playing smooth, even my 70GB 4k HDR files.

Then you are in luck!

I have files that doesn’t, Infuse have them as well and they have confirmed the problem…

These files used to play smooth…

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Hm okay. I think one of the next updates will solve your problem (hopefully :smiley: ).