What are the chances of...

Apple releasing an update for the Apple TV before Wednesday? The reason I ask is I’ve already had to wait over two months for an un-tethered JB for 5.1 as I couldn’t JB 4.4.4 as 5.1 was out and Apple wouldn’t let the restore process happen in iTunes because of this. I’m away from home until at least Wednesday morning and I don’t want to get home and find that I can’t JB because Apple have released an update.:frowning:



Not likely but we aren’t Apple so we can only speculate.


I had the opportunity to pop in to town and pick up my ATV so I can JB it tonight. I will need to use someone else MacBook, will I need to sign out of their iTunes account and sign in with my own?

Nope you don’t need to. The iTunes credentials get entered on the Apple TV itself.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

And silly me forgot to pick up the remote. :frowning: