What appears under "Home" in Jellyfin?

I’m new to using a backend with Infuse and a few things work differently with Jellyfin as the server. What appears under “Home?” It doesn’t act like the native Up Next since that doesn’t seem to exist with Jellyfin as the backend. Nor am I able to add anything manually to the Home lineup.
Is it just a list of shows and movies where I’m in the middle of watching?

You’re going to want to watch the following thread since what you’re asking is actually in a state of flux currently.

New and useful things are coming in regards to Infuse and servers like Jellyfin.

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That is mostly about direct mode … don’t think it’s really the same.

I guess I wanted to retain the iCloud synced Up Next that is kept track between my Apple devices & independent of the Jellyfin server. It helps when the family is using one account on some shared devices that use different Apple IDs. With the unified Jellyfin version, it merges all of that and it is confusing to everyone (at my home).