what am i doin wrong????

after having a few problems trying to jailbreak my apple tv 2 box which is on 4.4.2, i bought a new usb micro cable to try again,

ok heres what im doing.

I press shift and click the create ipsw boz, browse to my ipsw file which i got off this website,

when it askes to go in dfu mode, i press menu and play pause for 7 seconds, it then goes into dfu mode, then completes saying do i want itunes to restore , i press yes, then itunes completes the restore, and says i can unplug the usb, i then click the tethered boot box, plug in the power and go into dfu mode again, when it completes i unplug usb and plug in hdmi cable, all i get is a a picture if utunes and the usb lead on my telke, heeeeeeeellllp this is my third day now