We're still in the same trouble

If you look at this problem I publish it every year with every new version they never solve it.

He’s right in movies with all the movies.

I want to make sure that the films and series are properly seen.

That’s what I need this never does
they’ve solved.

And also back to version 6 this version works very badly on iPhone I can’t wait a minute to open the app is amazing.

And you care where I have a movie.

Well, it’s like this.



I don’t know why they focus on that alone.

Many more films are not recognized and also series as I showed Riverdale I had to put it manually now I’m 71 missing.

Don’t you see there are bigger problems?

“Recently added” and it takes almost one minute to start the app on the iPhone.

Version 6 was a second or two.

Try to edit the actual file name and the folder to 10.by.10.2018 and that should work.

Like Bullseye says, due to the file name being 10x10 Infuse is forcing itself to think it is a TV Show and so you will not even be able to correct it by doing the manual edit metadata.

Thank you very much. Don’t worry :hugs:

If I do that all my servers wouldn’t recognize that film. Infuse only use it on the iPhone and sometimes at Appletv the rest is DSvideo, too, Jellyfin and Plex.

It would only look good in Infuse and evil on everyone else.

One question I ask with the 71 series and film missing :sweat_smile: -eye series and films was 1,000 I made them manually.


The thing with Infuse and TV Shows is that if the file names are not consistent for all files and all seasons it will get upset and not work well.

So with Riverdale, again it may be how you have the files named.

Unbelievable you seem ….

I’m not telling you they’re well-known!

Please stop it.

I’ll take you in and do me a favor. Don’t answer.