Well done to the team

Well done to the aTV Flash team for coming up with a new version so soon after Apple released V3.0.

Too often we use these forums only to complain but I’ve found that all problems have been addressed and resolved very quickly.

So, thanks guys.

Mac mini, Apple TV + 500GB USB drive.

I’m sure they love all the good feedback that comes their way. I’m sure though that they also take all the negative feedback with a grain of salt, especially if it can make their product even better by taking suggestions from their customers. A lot of problems I think could be solved by a better Apple TV in general, but who knows what Apple has planned for their “hobby” device. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

I agree well done.

Also agreed, well done. I’m very happy with the aTVFlash product, well worth the investment.

while i agree the team has come out with an update very quickly, i have yet to make it actually work. it took half a day for me to get things back to normal and i am not anxious to go thru that again.
i have reformatted the flash drive, removed all previous aTVFlash files from my computer, downloaded and re did my flash drive and i still get a constant looping of the apple logo until it eventually comes up with the recovery screen. i am not sure what else i should do.

Let’s not pat each other on the back too hard. There is still a lot us with no recourse or recovery. 4.0 does not work as advertised.