Welcome to the Firecore Community! (you’re going to love it here)

Welcome to the Firecore Community! Here’s what you need to know:

Introduce yourself! Our community is full of friendly and familiar faces who are happy to make virtual friends and help you out with whatever you need.

Get Familiar With Discourse - Discourse is the provider of this forum. It can be a little confusing at first but this blog post should help show you around.

Navigation - We have nearly 20,000 threads in this community, so chances are someone has had a similar question. Use the search icon in the top nav bar, or head back to the homepage and browse through our categories. Can’t find an answer? See Below :point_down:

Ask Questions - Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but help us help you! Include details of your setup, device, and the issue you are running into — screenshots are great too. Whatever information you think relates to your issue, attach it. The more the merrier!

Play Nice - We’re all here because we love enjoying videos. Be polite, be kind, and if you have suggestions for someone, keep it constructive. Let’s all have a good time and learn something new!