weired problem using ifaith and snowbreez

i jailbrok apple tv 2  5.2  and 4.4.4  both using ifaith and snowbreez   when i opened nito to instal xbmc  i could not find xbmc to instal

i did the same couple weeks ago for more than 5 apple tv 2  i could instal xbmc   but this time no xbmc pagage to instal . any idea guys thx

using win 7

Are you using Nito Installer from your laptop/PC?  Mine has the option to install xbmc

You don’t understand when u jailbreak using season then you can use nito instaler from your pc. But if you read I used ifaith snow breez method. This methods after you jailbreak. You get nito I staled in the Apple TV automatically. And from there you download xbmc. But I guess the nito is broken No option to instal xbmc

You can not upgrade it or instal it again through nito I staler from the pc.

No, you don’t understand!  You can still install xbmc using Nito installer from your pc regardless if Nito is aready installed on your ATV or not.  Hence, I asked the question.  I’ve jailbroken over 20 ATVs using ifaith/snowbreeze and I’ve always installed xbmc from my pc after the jailbreak.  Forgive me for trying to help…sheesh


DEAR Sufferinsuccotash   I APOLOGIZE  if you feel offended with my response i did not mean to . i just  was trying to state what happen to me   i could not instal xbmc using nito instaler because yesterday my apple was not reconigzed by my pc.   today i got a different computer  i could use as you sugested nito instaler and i did succeed intalling xbmc .    i thank you very much for your help . i do appreciate every moment and minutes you spent to read my comment and try to help . indeed you did help me and i owe you one LOL.   THANK YOU AGAIN .

I  just checked the rest of apple tv jailbroken with snowbreez    i checked nito and is working again . i was informed from someone that nito was down as of yesterday but today is updating and is resolving the instalation .   thank you and god bless

No worries.  Glad you got it working :)