Weird Websites!

Greetings! Anybody have any idea why certain websites don’t render properly in Couch Surfer? By that I mean, several websites that I visit via Couch Surfer look like they are written in Greek symbols or something! Virtually unreadable. Plus many of the links are missing or miss placed. I know the websites are right, as I visit them regularly on my MacBook Pro. I thought Couch Surfer was a version of Safari??? Why, then, would Couch Surfer not render the websites properly??? Any ideas or help?

Thanks & God Bless!


Hi; same problem here; I wrote to the support team and am told they are aware of this and are looking to fix it soon…One of the website that was showing these “greek” letters is now back to normal…guess we will just have to wait and see…

Yes, this is a know issue. Should be fixed soon.

Ahhhhhh, a good word! Thanks, guardianmax, for the update. Just knowing that it is indeed a “known issue” and that you guys are working on it is enough for me!


Yes, I also noticed these strange letters. Then I found out by accident, since I’m using the iPhone as remote, that if one
change the textsize of the webpage (by swiping to the right, or left) the “Greek” signs disappear.

There is an updated version of Couch Surfer Pro (2.0 beta 2) now available for download via the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. This version cures the text display issue, and few other minor display issues.

Note: After installing this version the AppleTV will need to be restarted by disconnecting and reconnecting the power.

Great job! Thanks for the upgrade to CouchSurfer! You saved me from having to learn hieroglyphics or whatever that alien-looking lettering! I just installed the upgrade and browsed a few websites and it seems to be working great…EXCEPT OF COURSE: NO FLASH!!! I certainly appreciate your efforts to continue to improve aTV Flash.

I REALLY REALLY need Flash to work! There are several important events and website broadcasts coming up that I would need Flash to view! I know that you are aware of the issue and are working on it…is there any ETA or update that you can share???

Thanks for your support in this critical issue.

Blessings, Rick