Weird UI bug when searching for people

I’m on tvOS 16.1, Infuse 7.4.9 on the 2022 ATV 4K.

Just ran into some kind of UI bug by accident, lemme know if anyone can reproduce.

This is with Details View option set to “Modern”:

  1. Go to search, and search for a person (needs to be cast/crew, not a movie/tv show).

  2. Click on the person, then click on one of their movies/shows to see its details.

  3. Then on the movie/show menu, click/swipe down to select the row of cast/crew, then try to go down again to select one of the related movies/shows.

In my case, I can’t go down, the cursor just behaves erratically but never goes down to the related movie/shows row.

Then if I set Details View to Classic, same thing, can’t swipe/click down to the related movies, and since those are above the cast/crew list, I can’t get to that either.

If I turn on List View there is another similar bug, but now not just a search for people triggers it, but also for the name of the movie/show. When I get to the list and details view (ep list to the right, info to the left) I can swipe/click to the left to highlight the episode summary, but then I can’t go right again. This doesn’t happen when accessing the list from the library, just when searching.

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Yup it’s not just you :grinning: I had mentioned that bug while beta testing but honestly I forgot to bring it up again.

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Can confirm bug still exist in 7.4.10.

Searching for a TMDB Collection also triggers this error.

Text search initiates UI DRUNK MODE!

Diagnostic Code: CSYX4

Infuse Pro 7.4.10 (4329)
AppleTV 4K 5th Generation | A1842 (32 GB)

Extensively wiped all local and iCloud data, and started from scratch with brand new install after discovering problem. Brokenness persists.

Everyone please check your own systems to verify:

  1. Begin a text search (for any Cast or Crew member) from the search button on the upper-left of the Home Screen.

  1. Select any Cast or Crew Member.
  • or any TMDB Collection!
  1. Select any item in the search results poster grid to view that item’s details page (Movie or TV Series).

  2. Try to navigate down to highlight an episode (any episode) or another movie (any movie) from that person’s career.

  • or another title from that TMDB collection!
  1. Can you?

  2. Try backing out to the search results grid and selecting a different item. Can you?

  3. Back out again, to the search page, and try again from Step 2.

  4. Back all the way out to the homepage, and try again from Step 1.

  5. Reply here and tell us what happens!

  6. Post your diagnostic codes if you are seeing what I’m seeing.

Thank you.

Worked on iphone se.

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Oops! I meant tvOS! Apple TV!

Yes I reported that issue before on another thread but don’t remember which one

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Found it. Thanks!

@james FYI…. :wink:

So is it your lack of persistence we have to blame for this bug escaping into the wild? :crazy_face:

Do you remember what new feature might have introduced it?

The involvement of TMDB collections and the inability to select the ‘filters bar’ UI element makes me wonder if this might be a result of work @james put in prior to rolling out his announced vision of multi-version support repurposing this same element …

It’s also made me notice that the newly flattened TV series details pages replaced the ‘filters bar’ element with the ‘tv episodes bar’ (wish I knew what Firecore calls that element / those elements), making me wonder if they are not, internally, one in the same, and if this explains why both become inaccessible in relation to this text-search bug.

Definitely makes me hope James waits and sorts this out before pushing forward with adding other upgrades.

Haha I guess so. But honestly I don’t use search function for people very often. Usually I just do it from a movie details page instead of global search.

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Okay it’s being researched now. Thanks @james

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