Weird problem with skipping video

So, I have two shared folders in my Apple TV Infuse app: “movies” and “downloads”. “Movies” is located on my Time Capsule-drive, which is connected via hdmi to my ATV. “Downloads” is located on my Macbook, which is streamed to Infuse via wifi.
Until recently this setup has worked perfectly. But about a month ago videos on my Apple TV, streamed from my TC’s “movies” folder, started skipping 1 or 2 seconds forward. It seems to occur randomly, with no fixed intervals or anything like that.
But when it occurs it keeps happening at the exact same place, no matter how many times I restart the video.
This also happens when I play the same videos on my Macbook, wirelessly from the same shared “movies” folder on my TC. The only difference is that VLC stops the video completely and restarts it instead of skipping it forward.
BUT. When I copied the videos to my local downloads folder on my Macbook to troubleshoot, they play fine, both on my Macbook and and in my Infuse ATV app.
I did at reset to factory settings on the TC, but the problem remains.
Does anyone have a clue what might be causing this? Apparently there’s something wrong with my TC, but what?

HDMI or Ethernet?

If you have one movie on the TC that is doing this repeatedly, instead of deleting it just duplicate it on the TC and see if maybe the duplicate will play. It sounds like possibly you’re starting to see some disk errors on the TC.

You could also drag copy the duplicate you made on the macbook back to the TC in a different folder and try that one.

Sorry, meant ethernet of course. Weird! When I copied the file back to the TC from my Macbook the problem is gone! How is this possible? Did something happen when I copied the file to the TC the first time? Could this be caused by the disc error you mentioned?

Sounds like the file giving you problems may have a few bad sectors on the disk. It may be a good idea to run a disk first aid scan on it and see if it can be repaired. I think that Apples Disk utility will work but I’ve never used a timecapsule. It may have it’s own version of disk first aid.

Either way you may want to put your wish list in for Santa early with a new NAS. :wink:

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Found this that may help but considering the age of the TCs I’d lean toward an update like a Synology to go for the next several years.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
I need to look into this. I have A LOT of files on my TC.