Weird Pro Family Sharing Behaviour

I currently have Infuse Pro 6.4.7 (3163) installed on my iPad Mini. What I can’t remember is the exact method I used to go Pro.

I DO have Family Sharing enabled on my Apple account and shared purchases.
I also have a trakt account and I know how to sign in on all devices etc.

Now, here’s the thing: I installed the Infuse 6 app from the app store on my wife’s device (iPad Air 2) using my purchase in the family sharing. Sometimes when I sign into trakt the app will go into 'Pro" mode and stay there for awhile … but, it will eventually revert back to the non-Pro version, or “Infuse 6.4.7 (3163)”.

This has happened, perhaps 6 times since my initial purchase, and on MY device it has stayed PRO throughout. This just happened again last night on my wife’s iPad, reverting to the non-pro version and I have deleted the app, re-downloaded, signed into trakt and it is not switching to PRO even though I am logged in.

Please … can someone tell me how to end this infinite loop?

I have read every forum post I can find here. I have read how to set up family sharing on my apple account and all purchases are active. I am aware of the trakt requirement and that does not seem to be an issue. I have directly sent a download link to my wife’s iPad of the exact app (Infuse 6) I downloaded from the app store on MY device … it just always seems to revert back to non pro on my wife’s device.

The current implementation requires all devices to be logged into the same Trakt account in order to share in-app purchases or subscriptions in Infuse.

If the one who purchased/subscribed to Pro does not use Infuse for a period of time, then the token in Trakt may become out of date which could impact the Pro status on other family member devices. Usually, the way to resolve this is to simply open the app on the main owners device and hit the ‘Scan for Changes’ option in Settings > Library, then do the same on other devices.

We understand this can be a little bit quirky, but the good news is Apple will be adding native support for sharing of in-app purchases and subscriptions in iOS 14. Once this rolls out, sharing of these items should be seamless as it will no longer rely on Trakt.

Thank you so much for this reply. I previously did not know about the ‘token’ in trakt. I also did not know that a ‘scan for changes’ could affect that.

Good news about iOS 14 … i suppose, I guess we’ll see in the fall.

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