Weird Playlists Behaviour

I’m running Infuse Pro 7.8 (4868) on my Apple TV running tvOS 17.5.1, connected to an Emby database.

I’ve always had issues creating playlists, and adding items to playlists, in Infuse on my Apple TV. But yesterday for the first time I was able to create a couple of playlists and add content to them (by going to a show or movie and clicking the +Playlists button). But this doesn’t work for all content. Then I noticed a difference…

Some content shows the following buttons, with a “+Playlists” button. I can create new playlists and add content to existing playlists when this button is present:

Other content shows the buttons below. When I click this add to playlist button, I cannot add anything to an existing playlist, nor can I create new playlists:

The weirdest part is that this behaviour is not consistent. Sometimes (for example) a movie shows the buttons in the first screenshot allowing me to add to playlists, then other times the buttons in the second screenshot show for the very same movie meaning I cannot add to a playlist. Does anyone know why this is happening?

It will depend on which mode you are using to connect to Emby.

Infuse will be able to manage Emby playlists when using Library Mode, but this will not (currently) be able to do this when using Direct Mode.

I’ve had infuse set to Direct mode for some time but seem to randomly be able to add items to a playlist.

May I ask when the playlist functionality will be available in Direct mode?