Weird nitoTV problem

Hi. I’ll post exactly what I did. I was on nitoTV, removed the default countries from the weather section, then tried to enter new cities in it, but it wouldn’t work. So I rebooted. After the apple logo, blank screen and slowly flashing light. Tried unplugging-replugging many times. Same story. Eventually while it was on the blank screen, I used the nito instraller on my PC and clicked ‘remove nitoTV’. After that my apple tv launched normally. I reinstalled nitoTV from maintenance and after pressing yes on relaunch, the blank screen with the flashing light came back. Same after reboot. Removing nitoTV again through the nito installer brought it back to life.

Any hints on this? Seems I can install it but it causes blank screen.

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.2, untethered with Seas0npass.

Do you have the latest Nito Installer?