Weird mismatch "Cow (2022)" - "First Cow (2020)"

The folder title “Cow (2022) - Andrea Arnold” returns Metadata for “First Cow (2020)” in infuse.

However when manually searching for “cow y:2022” on tmdb the correct movie shows up on the first place.

Can you try using the edit metadata option in Infuse?

What file/folder name is listed there?

Does the order in edit metadata match TMDB?

The order in edit metadata does not match TMDB.
The folder name is “Cow (2022) - Andrea Arnold”
I also tried “Cow (2022)” as folder name - same result

Maybe something changed recently. It takes several hours to a day for TMDB server to refresh.

Did you try clicking on the correct choice (Cow 2022) below the First Cow? That should give you the correct metadata and Infuse will save that change to iCloud so other devices should pick up the correction.

Can you send a screenshot of the folder and the filename

yes this works. there are more infuse accounts acessing this library though. I cannot manually correct it for all of them.

I was just thinking that this could be a bug and you would like to know

That’s what I was referring to here

Yup, there is something off since the name and year are matched on TMDB it would make sense that it should be the first choice in search but “First Cow” takes first place (I know, bad pun) even with a different year.

I tried it as a stand alone file title and it still didn’t pick the right one.

That may be an API issue. Maybe @james can chime in.

First, Infuse doesn’t care about folder names. It only cares about file names.

Second, especially with one-word titles, I’ve noticed Infuse via TMDB return maybe a dozen nonsensical matches even when my title and release date were identical to that listed on TMDB.

I had problems with Lion 2016 (hijacked by the Lion King 1994) and Moon 2009 (hijacked but The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2009) for example. Often it’s lower profile movies being identified instead as higher profile movies even when the match for the latter is less precise. TMDB has to some extent addressed the issue, but outliers still remain.

The Lion / Lion King thing happened because TMDB didn’t prioritize theatrical premiere dates over any other regional or subsequent release dates. Someone had entered a DVD reissue of the Lion King as being released in 2016 in Albania (maybe, memory fails me) and that was enough. As a test, I “vandalized” TMDB by deleting that DVD entry and suddenly Lion 2016 became the first result again.

There are several other reasons why search logic might fail.

My mitigation strategies include first searching to see if anything is wrong on TMDB that can be fixed. If not, I’ll look for alternative titles (a category for entries on TMDB) and rename my file with one of those (or create one if necessary), if that results in a proper match — note: you only need to rename the file, not the folder. You can keep the folder name how you like it (for easier collection file management) and Infuse won’t care at all.

Good luck.

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IIRC, TMDB has been making some changes to its search algorithms, so it’s possible there may be differences between the results on the website and Infuse (API) while they get things ironed out.

If you want to rename these files so they are automatically matched (without having to search in Infuse) you can use the TMDB alternative title trick. That is, rename the file using one of the translated names listed on TMDB.

For example, renaming this with the Spanish name should give you the correct result automatically.

Vaca (Cow) (2022).mkv

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