Weird loading problems?

I keep trying to do a search about this but i cant find anything.  After I run seasonpass  I cant can my apple tv to do anything.  When i run the tetherd boot thing and plug in the hdmi all i get is a screen with the itunes logo and a usb cord.  The light on the atv blinks and thats it.  Resetting it does nothing.  The only way to solve the problem is to  restore in itunes and that puts me back to stock.  I have watched videos and such and cant seem to find anything I am doing wrong.

anyone else?  Apple TV turns on to itunes logo and usb cord on screen.  No apple logo.  Flashing light.

The iTunes logo and USB cord is displayed on your computer or TV?

Hmm, you may try re-jailbreaking with the latest version of Seas0nPass and re-doing the tethered boot.

If you're still having trouble please open a support ticket and send us the Seas0nPass log file found at: ~/Library/Logs/SP_Debug.log.