Weird episode titles when streaming

I have a newly re-encoded version of the Babylon 5 TV show stored on my Mac Mini and I am streaming it to my Apple TV4K. However, while each episode title appears correctly on the files on the Mac, when streamed, they are replaced with titles that make no sense, like “The End of TV”. How do I get the correct titles to appear?

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How are you connected to the Mini? DLNA, SMB, FTP, etc?

SMB. . . would another way be better?

No, SMB should be fine. DLNA has been known to play games with the file names but that’s not your issue.

Can you provide a sample of how you have the files named and possibly a screen cap of what you’re seeing on the ATV?

OK . . .I have included a screenshot from the Mac showing the proper titles

. . . and a pic of what appears on the ATV:

I believe you’d have better luck with using the standard file structure as in the Users guide.

This structure has worked the best for me.

So you’d have a folder named
Babylon 5

With a folder in it labeled “Season 01”

Then your episodes would be labeled
Babylon 5 S01E01.mkv

And so on. This will pull the correct metadata and artwork for the series.