Weird bug on Download and SMB version

Hi All,
For the last couple of months I suffer from Downloads into my iPad Pro to stop with errors.
Every time I need to keep clicking retry until I am able to complete the download.

Thanks to another topic I started to play around with different conf around which version of Samba to use and I found out that if I set from “Advance” SMB to “Legacy” the issue doesn’t happen although the download is extremely slow.

I want to understand if this issue and the fact that I am forced to use Legacy is because of the Samba version in my Nas ( WD EX2 Ultra ) and how to solve the issue considering is not that easy to update Samba in my Nas and I also need to know to which version it might be better to update.


When you changed from “Auto” to “Legacy” it could have been a more compatible implementation of SMB. I’d suggest you try changing from “Legacy” to “SMB 2” and see if that helps.

Have you tried downloading using the Files app and see if that’s faster?