Weird Buffering

So I’ve used infuse for years prob 5-6 years by this point suddenly I’ve had this weird problem. I have many hard drives 6 to 7 external HDDs but seemingly for some reason when I transfer my 12 tbs of movie files to a bigger drive it now constantly buffers randomly. I’ve tried 3 different external HDDs now ending up with a G tech 14 tb which still has the same problem. I’m kind of at a loss as all my other drives still work fine with no buffering it just seems whenever I transfer over this certain set of movies it happens. Plex works fine but I greatly prefer infuse for a multitude of reasons. I’m sorry if this is all over the place but I’ve never had this happen in 6 years on running infuse my stuff is all connected to Ethernet cables as well I’m using SMB. My last question is if I add a media server and use Plex through infuse will I get any quality loss on my files lots are big 4K files once again I prefer infuse but the media server method has zero buffering.

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First, what are the hard drives attached to? NAS, PC, router, etc?

Do I understand correctly that you can use the original hard drive and play a specific movie with no problem but that very same movie when played from the new larger drive will encounter random buffering problems? In other words the only difference in the actual hard drive?

Hello and yes sorry it’s all connected to an iMac Pro . The problem seems to be with any 14 TB hard drive regardless I’ve tried multiple but it continues like I said weirdly enough Plex runs flawlessly

What about reading from your iMac using aft/nfs/smb? Any issues there?

Also did you try a speed test in infuse?

I use smb always have seems the Speedtests I run average around 180 mbps for each movie file

A guess would be that Plex is transcoding the file to compensate for a lower streaming speed from the 14TB drive where Infuse only plays at the original rate.

I’d say investigate the drive speeds for the 14 TB drives and the size of the drive caches You may have to go to a faster 14 TB drive or one with a larger cache.

It appears that the G Drive if I’m looking at the right one is a USB 3 external, you may want to try a different USB cable also, they can be REAL finicky.

Since you can change to the old drives and not have an issue it almost has to be a drive/server issue.

One last thought, if you are creating a new share for the new drive you may want to check and see which SMB protocol you’re using for the old drives vs the new one. The new one may be set to one that would slow things down. I’d try both SMB 2 and “Legacy” to see if you fix the buffering issue.

Ok I will check the SMB setting but checking Plex it’s not transcoding as everything is labeled direct play when it’s being played. It’s honestly completely weird as it’s not even just 4K files 1080 p files as well and with gigabit Ethernet you figure this would be impossible

How did you format the drive? ExFat, NTFS, Mac OS Extended?

I used afps

Sorry but I didn’t see which devices you tried. Are you having the issue on macOS version of infuse only? Or also iOS tvOS?

Hello it’s on the Apple TV 4K so the iOS version just tried again tonight and midway through the movie the buffering started and was pretty constant after

Could you try changing the Streaming Cache in Infuse on the ATV to Legacy and try that?

Got to thinking the new disk may have a different power saver/hibernation setting than the other disks.

I can give it a shot I think ive tried it before my drives are always awake with amphetamine its just really weird and in explainable I guess I could always use the Plex media server which runs flawless literally flawless which makes me think its an smd problem do you know if the quality should remain the same as long as its direct playing

Plex through infuse is direct play at full quality. Infuse does not support transcoding through any service at the moment.