Weird Black Subtitles


Using Infuse PRO since a few days and overall I‘m happy except of one thing.
I want to see the forces subtitles in my mkv‘s so I deactivated the „Subtitles“ in the menu to not have a normal subtitle displayed in Standard. Okay, works fine. But the subtitle itself is shown in black and is nearly not visible. The configured subtitle color in only seen in a few dots around some characters of the shown subtitle.
Attached you‘ll find a screenshot from iOS where you have the same issue as on the Apple TV 4K.
Thanks for help/ideas

Hmm, what type of subtitles are these? Are they external or embedded?

If you’re able to send in sample it may help shed some light as to what is going on.

Thanks for the quick reply.
For further informations I attached the infos from MKVToolNix - see “mkvtoolnix.png”.
I also tested the file/movie in MPC-HC and everything is fine - see “mpc-hc_tested.png”.
Actually, I try to export a short part of the example movie with the subtitle problem from the whole movie/file.
Will provide that to the mentioned link above…

If there is more needed to analyse, please let me know.

Okay, I sent you a good example segment from the movie.
The one I used also for the first screenshot.

Got the sample thanks.

We’ll see if we can get it fixed up. :wink:

Hey Infuse Guys,

Are there some news on that topic?!
Greetings from Berlin

Actually yes.

We’ve resolved this in the upcoming 5.6.8 update. :slight_smile:

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Great news.
Thanks to the team.

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