Weird Artwork problem with "The Avengers" (series from 1961)

Most problems with the artwork from tvdb or moviedb I could solve - but this one seems weird on a real different level:

It is about “The Avengers” from 1961 - I ripped a blu ray with season 5 - this is how I have it on my NAS:

Title “The Avengers_(1961)”

Episodes: “The Avengers_(1961)_S05_E01” etc even tried also “S5_E01” or “S05E01”

The artwork does not show, the series is not recognised as such - Infuse tells me that I have the correct title but discs instead of episodes:

The Avengers - Season 5 - Disc1

Please see the attachment - they are from the iOS version but it looks the same on TVOS.

Any hints what to try? A bug with tvdb? (but there online, everything looks normal…)

Does anybody have this series working with Infuse?

Do you have “Embedded Metadata” turned on?

No, was/is off. Why did you ask?

I now searched via “edit metadata” and it assigned it correctly - still I don’t like the manual way as with a change it will loose this info again…

Your screen shot looked like it may have been displaying metadata that could have been embedded by the ripping program. It was just a thought. Also as long as you have iCloud sync turned on Infuse should keep the correction if you can find the correct series with an edit.

Also I don’t think you need the year for the TV show. I believe that if you name the files “The Avengers S01E01.mkv” they would automatically find the correct metadata. I’m not where I can check right now but it looks like the year isn’t necessary and may be causing the initial problem with a TV series.

I had it before without year and changed to „with year“ as this helps in most cases.

Doesm makemkv add metadata?

I don’t know about makemkv but Infuse will often determine if a video is a TV show and will search thetvdb by looking for the S0xE0x immediately after the show title while it will usually look in the movie database when a numerical year follows the title. Only a small minority of TV shows will require a numerical year after the series name and before the S0xE0x section.

Note, this is just my experience over the last few years.