weird 3D look on movies and Apps

Ok, I just updated my media player yesterday and everything seemed to be great…watched a couple movies off of it everything seemed ok.   Today I hooked my netflix back up (username and password) and watched a tv show on it.   I ended up running to the store and the apple tv 2 went to sleep.   When I pressed a button to wake it up I had this weird 3D effect to all my icons so I unplugged for 10 sec and plugged back in and it was still there.   So at this time I am re jailbreaking my apple tv 2 and hoping that don’t come back again.  Just giving heads up…oh and the movies from your media player looked them same all 3D where there is like red lines around the body making a double image. 

K just re-jailbreak and its still there now before adding anything??  I would update a picture but I have been having trouble trying to attach picture on this support forum at the bottom is say updating then go to 100% then saying waiting on firecore and just keeps waiting.  


False alarm  Its just my tv itself acting stupid…this can be deleted.   Thanks anyways