Webhooks for watched episodes


since I stream all my content from Put.io - I’d like to be able to automatically delete, or mark for deletion certain things, like TV Shows.

I would like to see Infuse implement a webhook feature, where the address can be set up by a user.

This webhook would fire off when a movie or tv show (maybe switch based) is completed being watched. The webhook would be sent to a customizable http address.

I can then receive this webhook and act on it on my side. i.e. move a the episode to a deletion folder on Put.io or whatever.

I have had a look at the TRAKT api, and this is technically possible, but its tedious because it is not how TRAKT API is meant to be used.


One way to do this would be use Trakt’s IFTTT integration which would allow you to do various things when a movie or show is marked as watched in Trakt.

Hi James,

thanks for the suggestion. Just did a quick test and only realized after testing that I would face the same problem with IFTTT that I would directly implementing the TRAKT api.

The problem is that files stored on put.io are stored in fillnames. SeriesName.s01.e02.gibberish-HDTV.mp4

As I’m sure you can guess, this information is not stored by TRAKT - and IFTTT simply acquires its’ data from TRAKT. This will pass through Episode ID, Episode Number - but that cannot be used to find a specific file on Put.io.

I can perform a search for the file using the information provided by TRAKT, but I do not think Put.io’s search function is very smart. Maybe its smarter via the API.

I will do some more testing, but see if you can fit this somewhere in the pipeline. I’m sure people who don’t use Put.io might also make use of this functionality if they have a NAS or even a local PC server and want to automate removing files.