webdav with media player?

Hi folks,


I’d like to see webdav support to the media player.


Nowadays, a lot of cloud services offer webdav to access the stored files.

SMB/AFP is nice, but limited to the local network.


Is this in consideration? Didn’t found any thread containing ‘webdav’.



We’re planning to add additional streaming options, but these probably are post-1.0 additions.

I’ll pass along your vote for webdav though.  :wink:

WebDAV support is the only thing holding me back from buying aTV Flash, since I use WebDAV for everything. WebDAV access to my NAS, via media players, and WebDAV clients is essential for me. Without that, there is no reason (for me) to buy aTV Flash, since GoodPlayer connects to my QNAP NAS using WebDAV at home (and when traveling) and plays all media formats. When you add WebDAV support, I’ll recommend aTV Flash to lots of people I know in IT. Cheers