WebDAV Stopped Working

I’ve been connected over WebDAV for a while now. Today it stopped working. It says username and password combination isn’t right, but I know that isn’t true. I even got it to log in once tonight by removing and re-adding it with the same username/password auto-filled from LastPass. But after a few minutes it stopped working again. When trying to access a folder it says the same username/password error message.

iOS: 17.2.1
Infuse: Infuse Pro 7.6.6 (4674)
NAS: Synology DSM

EDIT: Nvm, for some reason DSM auto blocked my home IP because it said there were too many failed login attempts? Not sure how any failed attempt ever happened in the first place, but now that I removed my IP from the block list, it is working again.

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Thanks for following up! Perhaps this can help others who may run into this issue in the future.