WebDAV recommendation?

Hi there,

right now I’m using NFS to access all my files stored on a server running unRAID. When I’m on the go I can connect via OpenVPN to my home network to stream or download videos. But I would prefer a WebDAV solution. I donot know why, but unfortunately Nextcloud takes up all my cpu power once a stream or download starts, so that’s not an option. I’ve found tonido today, but WebDAV isn’t working in Infuse (the strange thing is it works in Finder on my Mac for example). unRAID doesn’t have a WebDAV solution included so im just curious whether you know some more alternatives? OwnCloud sadly isn’t one since my cpu once again goes up. Tonido didn’t show this kind of behaviour by the way…

WebDAV was previously working in infuse. I gues it is the same problem as with SMB in current version.