WebDAV problems on Apple TV 4

My Apple TV was set to use WebDAV protocol for connecting to synology NAS. Today I got errors when I was trying to load content and after resetting share I get wrong username or password error. Please advise.

Kind regards

Some users have reported installing tvOS updates can create issues with network shares.

Can you try re-entering your username/password in the share settings, or removing and re-adding the share entirely to see if this clears up what’s going on?

I have the same issues but not on webdav but on smb connections. It forced me to start using webdav, because I could not connect with smb. However with webdav I still cannot delete movies on my Synology NAS. And on webdav it may take a long long time before a movie loads or it will pauze a long long time in the middle of a movie to reload the movie. With other players I don’t have such issues.

With regard to SMB, we have a new implementation in progress which we will greatly improve performance and reliability. This will also add support for SMB3, which offers improved security.

We’re working to have an update with this available in early 2018.