WebDAV is super slow for Real-Debrid


I have Infuse connected to Real-Debrid through its WebDAV protocol.

Something that annoys me is that everytime I want to sync changes I’ve made (adding/deleting files) through WebDAV, it takes around 10 minutes for Infuse to load the folder and pull in all the files.

Granted, I have a large library on Real-Debrid, but 10 minutes feels like a very long time to pull in everything. Is there a way to speed this up? Can Infuse/WebDAV not detect incremental changes I’ve made instead of loading in the entire library from Real-Debrid every time I do a sync?


I agree, it takes a long time to sync changes.

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The process to pull in changes from Real-Debrid WebDAV is very very slow. At times when changes are finally shown it doesn’t contain all the contents of the WebDAV. Is there any chance of optimising the process for Real-Debrid WebDAV scanning?

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Same issue. You found a solution?

No, doesn’t look like there is a solution until the devs decide to look into it.

I am using real debris WebDAV , that would be nice if you can make it faster to fetch data from WebDAV , it is so slow.

Same ‌ ‌for me, AllDebrid WebDav took like 30 mins + to load.; RealDebrid load a a lot better on the link folder but the main torrent folder( where mainly all files keep there) also took like 10 -15 mins( still better than AD).

This week I try a new app call VidHuB which design to work similar to Infuse, their syncing; metadata and WebDAV loading speed was very impressive compare to Infuse.

I hope the team can allocate sometimes to look through the syncing speed in general and especially the WebDAV.

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