WebDAV (HTTPS) not working

Tried on Infuse 5.4.3 on iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.3.2.
After saving it, it showed “An error occurred - Unable to connect to server”
If try to access from the dashboard, shows a big forbidden sign with text “Empty Folder - Move along, nothing to see here”.
Same server can be accessed from apps such as nPlayer 3.0, Documents by Readdle 6.0.1, and GoodReader 4.12.1.
Server is an IIS 10.0 on Windows Server 2016. IIS SSL certificate is a valid LetsEncrypt one and is accessed through Cloudflare.

Sorry about that.

We have a few WebDAV related fixes in progress for 5.4.4 which we’re working to submit to Apple this week.

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to test once it’s out!

5.4.4 was just released.

Please let us know if you have any further trouble.

Still the same error. Test environment is the same.

I have the same issue.

In my case it is a self signed certificate.
Was considering to make a Let’s encrypt certificate instead.

How does Infuse react on a self-signed certificate?
I’m getting http error 405 when trying my connection.

Can you drop us a note from your device so we can look into this further?

Just wanted to update that I no longer have issues accessing the WebDAV after removing it from CloudFlare CDN (thus exposing the website directly to the client). And I’m still using the same LetsEncrypt certificate.

Good you got it working.
My library started working just fine with the latest update. Unfortunately it can not play any files. I get error while loading content.

How would Infuse react on a self-signed certificate? In a web browser i always get a security warning and i explicitly has to approve connecting to a site with not trustable certificate.

I don’t believe we’ve done any testing with self-signed certificates but if you are able to send in a report as described in the link above we can look further into this.