WebDav Content Goes Missing


My WebDav (Put.io) files/shows go missing when Apple TV loses internet.

It doesn’t lose internet by mistake, this is intentional. I use two WiFi connections, one for after hours and one for normal hours.

So I switch between the two. What always happens is, if Infuse is opened, and it loses its connection, it seems to remove all my WebDav-synced content, and it has to resync all over again.

It also kinda messes up the order of things when it does that.

Hope that the issue can be solved because it’s like an ongoing thing - almost every day.


Is this happening for you in Infuse 6, or are you using Infuse 5?

If you can send in a report the next time this happens it may help us see what is going on.

Hi James,

Thanks for the response.

I’m using infuse 6 Pro now and it’s still happening. Happened with inFuse 5 as well. Been going on for the last few months.

I thought it was normal behaviour because if I don’t switch over to after hours WiFi or forget to and Open infuse while it’s still connected to normal hours WiFi (which doesn’t have Internet connectivity during after hours) - and I open infuse and it tries to sync without internet available…it loses all my synced files.

And to get them back I have to do a sync and make sure internet Is available.