WebDAV Connection Error

Trying to connect to webdav.put.io using port 443 results in a HTTP error 400 message. I’ve been using the same settings and credentials with the iOS and Apple TV versions for years now without issue.

So the issue isn’t with the beta version after all. Two things of note:

  1. After creating a saved share the protocol is locked in. So even if you change the port number under Advanced, from say 80 to 443, it still won’t use WebDAV (HTTPS).

  2. When adding a share on the macOS version you select the protocol, in this case WebDAV, and then use the Protocol dropdown to select WebDAV (HTTPS). On iOS (and I believe Apple TV) you select ‘via Network Share’ then select the protocol from a list that includes both WebDAV and WebDAV (HTTPS). When doing the initial setup I didn’t notice the dropdown and tried to use HTTPS by changing the port to 443, which didn’t work.

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Thanks for posting the solution! I’m guessing that others will find their answer in yours.

change the webdav port in your media server

That would go against normal port assignments since 80 usually goes to http and 443 goes to https

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