I can’t seem to find an option for vanilla HTTPS with Basic Auth. Alternatively I setup WebDAV but it only lets me add a “favourite” sub folder of my WebDAV directory, but I want to add the main connection path of the WebDAV directory. I am unable to set the Apache WebDAV root path to the parent folder to solve this issue due to permission issues with user home and Apache etc. I currently created a subfolder but thats a workaround I would prefer to not have to use since it means selectively moving my content into a single folder for viewing in Infuse.

Could you add the option to map the root directory of the WebDAV connection as a favourite / content source, or alternatively add HTTPS Basic Auth?

Also on a side note, is there a chance you can add more advanced caching settings. I would love to max out my caching. I have 100mbps connection but sometimes it fluctuates. Content at around 20mbps seems fine, but content at 30+mbps seems to occasionally cache miss and require rebuffering. To me thats a sign that the buffer is too small for the overall bitrate since the fluctuation is causing issues catching up in time. For me I would personally be happy caching like 10 minutes ahead where possible and keeping that full at all times. Also even though in theory the single connection should be optimal, I have noticed that multiplexing connections with things like Firefox DownloadThemAll can achieve higher bitrates than a single connection. Would it be possible to add multiplexing as an option to allow certain sources to obtain higher bitrates. My guess is something to do with the TCP/IP negotiation and packet loss meaning that sometimes an additional connection averages out that loss over time and keeps the bitrate high, but i’m not an expert on networking.

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Infuse does not yet support mapping the root share, but this is something we have gotten a few requests for so we’ll likely look at adding it for a future update.

With regard to caching, Infuse will actually work to download the video as fast as it can and store it in a disk-based cache. If you want to increase the size of the cache for a particular video, what you can do is simply pause the video for a bit. When paused, you should be able to see the cached part of the playback bar fill up, which will indicate how much of the video has been cached.

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Thanks for the quick response.
+1 to adding mapping root connection in WebDAV.
So HTTPS Basic Auth isn’t an option either?

Regarding the caching, what happens if I scrub past the cached region, will it keep that part for later incase I decide to scrub back? What happens to the cache files, do they auto expire based on time / available storage space? I trust you have some good sensible defaults but its always nice to have some additional options to configure.

Also thoughts on the Multiplexing connections idea? I guess you could have it as an option and then detect a degradation in download performance compared with an earlier peak speed and fire up the second thread to compensate.

I don’t think basic auth is an option right now, but we might be able to take a look for the future.

Caching will depend on the amount of free space, and how large the file is. Infuse will keep as much cache as possible, so if you skip ahead the previously cached portion will be saved. But if you’re playing a huge file or the Apple TV is low on disk space, then Infuse will start dropping older parts of the cache as the file plays. Also, the cache for a particular video is cleared when exiting playback.

Infuse currently uses multiple connections when downloading files on iOS, and we hope to look at bringing this over to the streaming side for a future update. It may help in your particular case, but other than that it’s use is a bit limited, so it doesn’t have a super-high priority right now.

Okay glad to know that these things might be on the roadmap. I will do more experimentation but it sounds like I should just pre-buffer the content myself with pause and go make some popcorn. :slight_smile:

Keep up the awesome work, seems like you guys are really responsive and dedicated in building the best content player for apple TV in existence!

Hi James,
I’ve got a solid 50mbps connection and when streaming 720p content through infuse i can see the video caches through to the end of the play line which is great. But when streaming some high quality 1080p stuff the cache line doesn’t seem to move at all. Is that because the files are too big (2-3gb). Then every now and then I’ll have to restart the episode or movie otherwise it takes to long to start loading again. Is there a way to get the files to cache ahead no matter how big they are? Thanks

I have tested this with my Amplifi HD Router which shows me the bitrate that the AppleTV is achieving over the network and I can see that using multiple connections on my laptop just next to it achieves 4-8 times the speed depending on the number of connections. I know this isn’t a limit of the WiFi or the Apple TV positioning because sometimes its great and I get up to 50mbps directly on the Apple TV. It is clear that somewhere along my network connection individual connections are being shaped but total aggregate bandwidth is not. It would be awesome if you could add the “multiple connections” functionality that is currently on the iOS version to the Apple TV version! @jords87 You might not be getting the speed you think you are, I notice that the pre-cache bar fills up when its getting solid mbps which I can measure on the router but it often stays empty and will pause for buffering when its not. The multi-threaded download would probably help you to because its likely your single connection is no where near your total internet connection limit so additional connections should improve the upper limit of streaming speed.

Also @james another simple request, do you think it’s possible to make it so that when the spinner appears you can pause the playback. Currently when it pauses with the loading spinner you cant pause the video which means that it will stutter again when it starts. What I usually do is pause it as soon as i get control again and then go get a drink or something while it buffers. Would be great to be able to do that immediately. Also, could Infuse keep the cache file until you play a different video? I have on occasion hit the back button and exited the app and lost all my cache for the same file. Seeing as if you return to the same file you most likely want that cache it could be an option to keep the cache until a different file is played. Thanks again for all your awesome work! :slight_smile:

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