Web Catalog

My current project (in the endless pursuit of the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)) is to create a web based catalog of my collection.

I exported the com.firecore.media.meta.db to a .csv

The landing page is all posters ala grid view:


When you click on a poster you get a details page and trailer:


I’m embedding the trailer using the TrailerAddict API.

Clicking on any of the genre, actor or director names brings you back to the grid view with that filter applied:


The Actor and Director filter use the TMDb API and link to the IMDB profile page:


I’m doing it in PHP. I’d like to get to a point where I can query the SQL directly on the ATV (not having to export and FTP to my webserver, etc.) and to be able to fully leverage the AirPlay API.

If anyone is interested, I’m happy to provide more detailed instructions and the PHP script. If anyone has any ideas on the SQL and API front or suggestions in general I’d love some feedback.


Nice work!  That looks great!


Hi, i love what you made.
I’m not sure if it´s the same thing but i want to put on my atv all my DVDs. I have a CSV file with all my “real” dvds and i want to see this list in my atv. Is your plugin can do that ?

With a little modification, sure… In order to view the UI on the atv you’d have to use Couch Surfer…