Hello! How do you DELETE cities from the weather? I’ve added a couple; looked on the wiki; but can’t figure out how to DELETE!


    • Will

Get into your apple tv with cyberduck, locate the weather.plist and delete the cities you dont need. You can also add more cities here and replace the new weather.plist back into your apple tv. Its a drag & drop process so you should be fine.

This also work for safari bookmarks and the rss feeds. Enjoy.

thanks much!

I think you can also hit either the right or left apple remote button (not sure which) after highlighting, say, amsterdam and it’ll bring up a little menu where you can delete a location.

Excellent tip from jc…! I only use the plist because i save them to an apple tv folder i keep. its for purposes to restore my apple tv to current settings whenever an new software is released by the flash guys.