We need your help to restore to factory settings!

How to restore the factory firmware from Apple? I will be glad of your help!

I’ve been waiting for an answer on my same question as well, no reply (De-installing Kodi and revering back to original Apple TV).

At this point, my assumption is that they (FireCore) have not produced a reversal restore of Kodi back to your original Apple OS or ATV Flash.

I tried using the ATV flash usb stick that I created to install on my Apple TV 1st Edition (Silver), but it was not recognized. Once you install Kodi, it overwrites the firmware on the Apple TV to the Linux O/S.

@firecore staff - any updates? Thanks.

Restoring the normal Apple TV software can be done by following the steps found at the end of this guide.

I have tried this to restore mine. It gets to the restore part in the AppleTV portion but then does not complete the restore and boots back into the AppleTV Restore.

This process is not working. After booting from the USB drive to restore the AppleTV OS the process freezes and will not proceed.
If you are on a Mac you need to locate an application called “Apple Pi Baker” and a download of the original version of the AppleTV 2.x software. Instructions follow in the link below.