WDTV Live or AppleTV?

Hi all,

I have the opportunity in puchasing the AppleTV unit for the same price as the WDTV Live - obviously the AppleTV looks great - and after all I am an Apple guy :wink:

However, the primary use is to look at recorded TV (recorded on iMac i7) - looking at DVD ripped movies (my own…) and .mkv files 1080p.

I read that the AppleTV does not play .mkv larger than 480p - If these are converted (into?) can 1080p then be played? And also the dvd-files?

Today I have the Apple Airport Express for my music - the Apple TV, can it do the same?

Thanks for your replys!

I have not tried WDTV.

AppleTV will do the same work of Airport Express, it will shows on the speaker list on the right bottom of iTunes.
You can also sync all iTunes media with AppleTV with options of auto sync or custom sync. I don’t sync my media and only use AppleTV to stream music and video from iTunes. Music video with mkv or ts format are all converted to mp4 and stream from iTunes.

Since I install ATVflash all my DVD collection are copied to a hard drive and watch with convenience via AppleTV.