WD My Cloud - Works with Infuse 2 ?

Hi everybody,

I'm a complete novice when it comes to NAS servers, but I decided that it's time to get one. I'll mainly be using this as storage for movies and it has to be able to work with Infuse 2 Pro on our iPads.

Does any of you know if the WD My Cloud 4TB will work with Infuse 2 Pro?

Thanks in advance!

And sorry for my english... I'm from Denmark, so english isn't my native language.

All the best


Based on the review found at the link below, it looks like SMB is supported on the WD My Cloud line of NAS drives.


We're also working on UPnP support for an upcoming version of Infuse, so that would give you an additional option for streaming.

Thanks mate :-)

I will buy it first thing tommorrow.

Hi James,

I bought the WD Mycloyd the other day and set it up. Infuse found it right away, and it also plays the files... Sometimes. It is very buggy... Infuse freezes alot and has to be restarted. Browsing the files is also very slow and loading the metadata takes forever.

I have a Samsung smart tv F8000 55" and here it works really really fast when playing movies from the WD Mycloud.

I had high hopes that I could use Infuse as a mediaplayer for the entire home using airplay together with our apple tv, but as of now it is a little to buggy. I hope there are plans improving this feature.

All the best :)

Hmm, that doesn't sound good. What you're describing is definitely not normal.

Fortunately, we've been working on a hefty 2.3 update for release this month that has a number of new features and fixes for some of the most common crashes we've seen, so this may help resolve the issues you're running into.

Dont get me wrong - I love the player. And I use it every day.

I work as a graphic design with main focus on app design and I know that it is not as easy as it seems to get an app working as intended :)

I'll look forward to the update. 

All the best